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Decorating with art

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Creating spaces which beautifully showcase my clients’ art collections is one of my greatest passions. There is simply nothing more personal than bespoke interior design.  When I first meet the client we have a relaxed yet insightful chat, exploring personal style and inspirations. You have to be also mindful of budgets and clients’ lifestyle to create the perfect interior.

Once I get to know my client it is time to start thinking strategically. We explore essentials such as the architecture, positioning and lighting. I like to design interiors layer by layer, creating an environment which is simply unforgettable.  To achieve this effect I use furnishings and bespoke wall finishes to create a stylish, traditional or modern interior that has artwork as the focus.

AR_Drawing Room_Front_01_RGB_Fotor

In the picture above of the Belgravia Townhouse you can see that it has beautifully proportioned rooms that set the stage for the contemporary art collection. Light, clean walls with a pearlescent bespoke paint finish provide an ideal backdrop for the vibrant artwork.


If you have a large dominant piece of art, don’t shy away from it – embrace it! You can use an elegant colour pallet to allow the artwork to speak from the surrounding walls. I picked out the warm orange tones in the interior design of the living room pictured above to  bring to life the main painting and unite it within the space. Hanging a smaller picture next to the larger piece allows us to mix frames and styles, creating a sophisticated yet contemporary setting for both pieces.

AR_11-12 Lowndes Sq_Dining Room_02_HR_Fotor

When decorating with art in your home, remember that artwork can also provide a talking point. I hung the above contemporary piece of sculpture in the dining room of one of our Belgravia apartments to provide the guests with a talking point over dinner. Always consider carefully where to position art. The focal piece was hung where all guests could see it, creating a contemporary and striking back drop.

AR_Entrance Corridor_RGB_Fotor

Hallways are as important as any other space in your house. For the modern London property pictured above I commissioned bespoke crackle glazed panels and the client chose the large painting. Positioning the sculpture at the end of the hallway draws in the eye and gives the statue the attention it deserves.

I hope you found the above advice useful and are ready to embrace the truly artistic side of your home! If in doubt, find out more about our art services.

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